Develop My Ministry with Ryan Flanders and Chris McGill at Grace Baptist Community Church

“Jump Start Ministries” is excited to be a part of the “new” gathering that will resume on February 23rd. “Develop My Ministry” is hosting a pastor gathering for men on zoom at 7 pm. We will be discussing how to lead through the transition into uncharted territory. If we are going off the map, let’s learn to navigate together what God has before us into the next season of ministry. Find out more or get the zoom link @


I use the term “new” and “resume” in the same sentence because these gatherings are similar to previous gatherings that we held as “TFC” or “Three Fold Chord.”  “TFC”, led by Tim Wilcox and Mark Dunn of Choice Baptist Church, hosted pastor gatherings and aimed to be a ministry that assisted churches in helping other churches. For years ”TFC” worked with dozens and dozens of local pastors.  Through “TFC” we helped churches complete major projects ranging from building projects to ministry overhauls. “TFC” has not met nor been active in over 5 years and Mark Dunn has since gone home to be with the Lord. I loved my involvement in that ministry and the opportunity to work with those leaders as well as many other pastors. I grew relationally, personally, and professionally serving in and being served by that ministry.


For the past year, during the pandemic, Tim Wilcox and I have discussed bringing “TFC” back but with a different look. I have prayerfully decided to transition my focus from “Jump Start Ministries,” where we have been helping ministries with community outreach, to helping men be personally developed in their life and ministry as pastors. This has been my passion all along, and I am excited to launch out in that direction.


I regularly work with men, to encourage them in both their personal lives and in their pastorate. Each week for the past few years it has been my weekly goal and routine to meet with or speak with three pastors.  My original intent was to speak with them about evangelism, but I found our conversations were really speaking about ministry and personal development. I look forward to doing this in a more intentional and focused way as “Jump Start Ministries” becomes a part of “Develop My Ministry” and “TFC” returns as “Develop My Ministry.” They will become one ministry.


The quarterly pastor gatherings are just one part of what we will be doing with “Develop My Ministry.”  Most of these meetings will be geared towards men in the pastorate. We hope to create an atmosphere for a band of brothers that are in the battle together. We hope to create a gathering that has personal encouragement and accountability which will then allow us to do and to be what God has called us to be, as men in the ministry. Each of these gatherings will focus on personal and ministry development in an encouraging and grace-filled atmosphere.


“Develop My Ministry” will also be actively serving pastors through consulting and coaching. We will be finalizing our consulting plans in the next few months and are excited about several pastors that we are already lined up to work with within 2021. I am a certified church revitalization consultant with Church Answers and am completing two other certifications in church consulting with Lifeway and Church Consulting University. I look forward to putting into practice my experience as well as my consulting certifications and leveraging the experience of others in this ministry to help men successfully lead their ministries and lives well.


I hope to see you at our first pastor gathering on February 23rd!


Your Brother in the Battle,

Ryan Flanders


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