Church Consulting

Develop My Ministry

Every church can benefit from the work of a church consultant.  A third-party, objective view from an experienced consultant can give us

fresh insight into the challenges churches face today.  Develop My Ministry offers three primary areas of church consulting.  

Consulting Certifications

Experience.  Training.  Reliability.

Any church can get random ideas here and there from a pastor, a book, a blog, or a church member.  There is no shortage of ideas to draw from.  Most ministries need not an idea for a problem but a systematic approach to uncover and deal with the challenges ahead.

One of the main reasons I went through the process of becoming a certified church consultant from a reputable organization is founded on the reality that the church doesn’t need another idea. Still, the church needs a reputable and proven system of church consulting.  Our approach, learned from Church Consulting University, gives your ministry a proven approach to church consulting. 

Where to start with Church Consulting?

Three areas our church consulting begins with

Know your community.  Develop My Ministry will run an in-depth demographic and psychoanalysis report that gives you critical and up-to-date information on your community.  This report helps you understand how your community thinks and how they live.  This report was designed by the leading church consultants of our day and is tailored specifically for the church. A proper analysis can help you design ministries that connect with the community. 

Know your church.  A second central area of our consultation will focus on the spiritual health of your congregation.  We have some tools to assist you in discovering the health of the church.  We will utilize the Transformational Church Survey and analyze church metrics to get a feel for the church and propose a path forward to improve church health.

Know your leaders.  We will have interaction and interviews with church staff and leaders to get to know their experiences, strengths, gifts, and personalities. A way forward for future personal growth for your leaders will be presented. 

Once Develop My Ministry has synthesized and analyzed all data from the church, we will prepare our final report.  We include up to 6 coaching sessions to help implement findings in the report.