Ryan Flanders

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I am excited to introduce you to Develop My Ministry.  I have served as a pastor for about twenty years in three ministries. I served as a Lead Pastor in the same church for most of that time.  I am intimately familiar with the challenges of leading a ministry, both personal and ministry challenges.  Ministry is difficult. Doing ministry alone…..is more difficult. Even with the appropriate education ( I have an M.Div with multiple field-related certifications), you can feel swallowed up by the challenges of serving in the ministry.  Seminary alone cannot prepare us adequately for the journey we are on.  I desire that Develop My Ministry serve as a brotherhood for men battling in the work God has called us to.  We want to be a ministry that equips and encourages the pastor in his walk and work.

It has been one of my greatest blessings to work with men as they lead the church to accomplish the mission of making disciples.  Through these relationships, I have seen pastors grow in their personal lives, and their ministries flourish.  I believe that equipping the pastor in his walk and his work can have the single greatest impact on the success of a church.   As a certified church consultant in revitalization and transitional leadership, I work with pastors to identify their greatest challenges and propose action steps to move forward.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you or your ministry with consulting or coaching.  Ryan@DevelopMyMinistry.org

Ryan Flanders, MDiv, CCC, CR, CTP

Certified Church Consultant, Church Consulting University, Church Answers, and Lifeway.


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Ryan, his wife Karen, and their three children, Summer, Rj, and Drew, live in Virginia.  They love Washington D.C. sports, the outdoors, and local history.  Ryan has served pastors and ministries for the past 20 years as a Lead Pastor, multi-state pastor’s fellowship president, and in other capacities. Ryan directs Develop My Ministry.  His wife Karen is a private music instructor at  A Joyful Noise Music Studio.  Their family also owns and operates Jump Around VA Event Rentals in Virginia.