Pastor Gatherings


Develop My Ministry host pastor gatherings to connect and equip pastors. Our desire is to have a brotherhood for men in the battle. We want to equip men in their personal walk and in their work as pastors.  We believe these two things, your walk, and work, are intimately connected.  One impacts the other both positively or negatively.  Each of our pastor gatherings will focus on equipping us in our walk and in our work.  We will invite different leaders to address these two areas in our lives.

Currently, the Pastor Gatherings will meet in person or online quarterly.  The next Pastor Gathering is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th. 

Ryan Flanders the owner of Jump Around and director of Jump Start Ministries is hosting a 45-minute Outreach seminar to encourage the church to plan post-covid outreach. Jump Around plans on sharing 3 outreach ideas and giving away over $3,000 towards outreach efforts.   This is a zoom call, Tuesday, Evening June 15th at 7pm.  
If yes, gather email, name, phone, and record it in a google doc we will share among those making the calls.  Keep track in the google doc who you have called and their responses.
call me for any clarification.

Use the link below to register and you will get the reminder with complete details as the day approaches.  


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