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Revitalize My Church is using the most powerful tool available to help your church plan outreach efforts for the next season of ministry.   As a certified revitalization consultant with Church Answers, we have access, experience, and training on the most in-depth report available to the church.  

What is included in your custom report?

Your outreach planning report includes up to 40 pages of in-depth information that will break down demographics (who people are) and psychographics (how people think).  Church outreach specialists recommend you run this report every three years and every year if you are in a growing community. 

We customize your report based on drive time from your church address.  This is key because most people decide on the church they may visit or attend based on drive time, not mileage.  Barriers like water, mountains, lack of roads, traffic, the layout of your community, etc., determine drive time, not necessarily mileage. Usually, the reports you see are radius reports, which can be misleading. A typical drive time we recommend is 10 to 20 minutes, which we use for this report.

This report, Know Your Community, partners with ESRI’s software, the most powerful mapping and spatial data tech available. Charts, maps, and graphs will be presented with easily digestible information. 

Once your report is ordered, we can have it in your hands within 3 to 4 business in an electronic version that can be shared with your outreach team. 

“You can’t reach your community if you don’t know your community” -Sam Rainer


Ryan Flanders Revitalize my church

Ryan Flanders


Outreach Report Only

In depth demographic and psychographic report delivered fast.


  • Custom Report
  • Demographic Info
  • Psychographic Info
  • Tapestry Segmentation Info


Report with Consultation

We will walk you through the report and share our experienced observations


  • *Includes Items in first package
  • *1 Hour meeting to walk you through the report on zoom


Report, Consultation, Presentation


  • *Includes Items in previous packages
  • *Additionally will provide a one page document with take away’s from the report, helping you take your next steps.