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I have noticed a very helpful observation in my time playing and coaching in team sports.  The less critical your position is, the less coaching you are offered.  Usually in youth sports you might have 1, 2 or maybe 3 coaches for the entire team. Typically it is a coach and a few parents helping.  As you progress through High School and College sports the coaching gets more technical, specific and personalized.  By the time you make it as a pro, almost every player has their own coach for their position.  The stakes have been raised and they need to accomplish more than ever before.  Serving as a lead pastor is a critical role for your church and for the kingdom.  I believe personalized coaching can take pastors to the next level!

Develop My Ministry offers coaching in a few key areas.  First, if you are a church consultant client we  will include coaching to help you implement some of the key findings in the research report we will provide you.

Perhaps you are not a client of one of our consultation programs but would like to benefit from our coaching modules.

There are two primary areas of coaching that we will be providing by the end of 2021.  We will focus on coaching pastors in their personal life and offer coaching in areas that relate to their ministry.  

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Develop your Walk

While most people do want to start with coaching that relates to their profession, we have found that the most fruitful coaching is coaching that focuses on the habits and behaviors of ones personal life.  There is nothing that impacts ones work more than their walk.  This is especially true for a pastor.  In our personal coaching module we focus on working with the pastor to strengthen some core competencies related to his personal life and walk.  We lead the pastor through a phase of self discovery of personality, gifting, strengths and then into implementation of the key findings.  We believe the areas of soul care, physical care, mental care and emotional care are critical for the pastor. Areas of purity, emotional health, relational skills and self leadership are strengthened in these coaching sessions. 

Develop your Work

The second area that Develop My Ministry offers coaching in is the area of the pastors work.  We work to help the pastor develop their ability to lead others, lead their ministry and lead the church.  

This coaching focuses on several core competencies related to collaboration, vision, mission, values, and stewardship.